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Castle Bitchu Matsuyama Castle in the Sky of existing castle tower

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Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is located in Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture, castle tower in existence is the fortress that is the highest 430 meters in Japan.
Takahashi city overlooking from the stone wall of the castle near the superb view.

Timing of weather and season if someone, Bitchu Matsuyama Castle floating in the sea of ​​clouds as Takeda Castle Ruins seems are cans from Omatsuyama observatory.

The notes of when you go, you go by car to 8 parts per so Yamashiro, since it up the stairs and mountain road on foot about 20 minutes from there, physical fitness of its own way is required.
Also, because parking is less at Yamashiro, 8 cups day seems to go by shuttle bus from the 5th per such as Saturday and Sunday.

Takeda Castle is famous as a castle in the sky these days, there is also a castle tower altitude higher towards the Bitchutakamatsu Castle, sea of ​​clouds is also so spreads out depending on the weather and season.

300 yen for adults: admission
Closed: New Year

In addition, there is a Kinojo located 397 meters above sea level, which is the Soja, was constructed a castle in the Asuka period of 1300 before. And Mont is one that was recently restored, but, such as stone walls are still things at the time.
[Marching fee]
Adults 300 yen

[Regular holiday]
Year-end and New Year holidays
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