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Stele Meotoiwa natural

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Myoutoiwa is a big rock of height 12 m and 16 m, such as the stone monument that is towering on the slopes at an altitude of 400 meters of the mountain of Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture.
Meotoiwa(Married Couple Rock) is a big rock of 16 meters and 12 meters height, such as the stone monument towering 400 meters above sea level.

Vantage is very well superb.

Both of the observatory of the north and south in about 1-3 minutes walk, there are attractions.
Rural areas spread to the mountain in front of the eyes, it is like a village in the sky.

Also, since there Fukiya hometown village rooftops of red iron oxide color of the Taisho era remains from the Edo period in about 15 more minutes in the car, there is also recommended if you have time.

People who like castles in Japan, is also recommended Bitchu Matsuyama Castle Yamashiro(mountain castle) the highest elevation of the existing castle tower.

If you go in the prefectural road No. 300 through when it comes to Meotoiwa(Married Couple Rock), you can also see the rock tunnel of the phenomenal "Hayama valley".
[Admission fee and parking]
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