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Taishakukyo above Taishaku area

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Taishaku valley is the valley where there is a bridge of natural rock and caves and lakes in the northeastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture.
It is a valley located in the place where it ran for about 15 minutes a prefectural road No. 25 by car from Hiroshima Prefecture Shobara Dongcheng.
Visited It is summer. Parking was a fee of 400 yen.

Rock wall became a tunnel of the bridge can be hollowed out in the erosion of nature called "Yu-kyo" is impressive. It seems to have been said to be uncommon for one of the three major world natural bridge in the world. People in the past is so there is a trace that was used as a bridge actually.

Also, on the way to the "Onbashi(male bridge)", there is a cave called "Hakuundo". Range that can be visited is 200 meters, but it seems to be unknown small hole is not blown into the wind there is also ahead of the dead-end, how far there is ahead.
It is it to a cooler natural at 11 degrees, it is about cold even in the summer is in.
Admission is 250 yen for adults.

"Jinryuko(God Dragon Lake)" area is famous fall foliage, it is necessary to walk about three kilometers the road with a steep slope, those who went by car would be good to there.

I also did bike rental but dead-end is a staircase in the middle. If you walked, you can enjoy the natural relaxing because it is a good walk course of 1 to 3 hours on foot for that.
There is no toilet in the middle of the promenade, but I is located in the parking lot.

There are also leisure facilities such as the rainbow trout fishing pond of cafeterias and fish dishes eaten in the parking lot around.

Route motoring the prefectural road No. 23 from the National Highway No. 432 is faster if Miyoshi and Shobara direction.

You should not pass it can go even prefectural road No. 451 through the Route No. 182 from Fukuyama direction, but the road is narrow considerably.
[Parking fee]
Paid (about 500 yen)

[Best time to see autumn leaves (every year)]
Late October-Mid November
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