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Yakushi-yu Onsen Yunotsu

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Yakushi Yu of hot spring Yunotsu of Shimane Prefecture is a hot spring of sink excellent source hook that has been certified in Japan Onsen Association "All 5".
Yunotsu hot spring has been registered as one of the cultural of Iwami silver mine that became world assets.

There is only one bathtubs six more put the bathroom.
There is no course also soap.

Efficacy is likely to see because you are in a cloudy white brown hot water.
It is a hot spring of the people who want to enjoy the spring quality of authentic.

However, you can break a table and chairs, such as the roof and drink free coffee there is on the third floor roof. It was very pleasant in the evening of September.

The decor is feeling Japanese & Western without a retro in Japanese.

In addition, here also seems very good there is also a hot spring source of another called "Motoyu Senyakutou" is diagonally opposite.
Here is a connoisseur orientation temperature of the hot water is high.

Iwami silver mine is also conveniently located about 20 minutes by car.
[Bath fee]
Adult: 350 yen
Child: 200 yen

[business hours]
Weekdays: 8:00-21:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 6:00-21:00
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