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Tunnel Ryugenji Mabu of Iwami silver mine

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Ryugenji Mabu is, Iwamiginzan is located in about the middle of the Shimane Prefecture.
About one hour by car and he from Izumo Taisha. When it from Hiroshima Prefecture Miyoshi is a distance of about one and a half hours.

Mine is so much a 600, but the tunnel that can be visited at all times, there is a "Ryugenji HazamaAyumi" of depth 157 m.

The new tunnel will think that it is for tourism, but the atmosphere was sorry not because it was dug too mechanical tunnel.

Tunnel until it takes from the nearest bus stop is also about 45 minutes that's walk in one way because there 2.3km.
A person of time because there is a promenade would be walked Terra hiking.
Many people (including electric) bicycle near a bus stop it seems that there are many people who go rent there because some rental.

Who is personally there to Fukiya Furusato Village Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture of "Fukiya copper mine" is scale was also greatly impressive.

In addition, time-limited paid: the scale of large Ohkubo tunnel in the (adult 3,800 yen), is so there is a Kamaya between the walking tour of the unusual atmosphere. For more information at the following official website.
[Admission fee]
Adults: 410 yen

[Business hours]
3 / 20-11 / 23: 9:00 to 17:00
11 / 24-3 / 19: 9:00 to 16:00

[Regular holiday]
January 1
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