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Spa town and riverside open-air bath free of Misasa Onsen

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The Misasa hot springs there is a Japanese atmosphere free of riverbank open-air bath.
Is located at the position of about 15 minutes by car from Kurayoshi of Tottori Prefecture Misasa hot spring.

Two of the tepid bath and hot bath, but there is open-air bath Riverside free. There is also next to footbath.
It seems to be tepid, such as a rainy day by the weather. I heard it's not recommended so much hot water is cold in the winter.

Located next to the municipal Kokuminshukusha planner Le Misaki of about 5 to 10-minute walk across the river upstream is free parking.

Riverside open-air bath puts 24 hours free of charge, of course.
It is the mixed bathing, but because there is no such as a wall to be blindfolded, women who might be impossible.
Swimwear and bath towel is prohibited.

Since there is open-air bath that was firmly dressing room walls and bathing fee 100 yen to the planner Le Misaki before, who there would be good women.

As a tourist destination can be found at the nearby white-walled storehouses Kurayoshi group and Mitokusan Sanhotokeji(Temple).
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