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Touyu-do of Mitokusan Sanbutsuji most difficult worship

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Mitokusan Sanbutsuji of Nageire-do is located from Okutsu Onsen, Okayama Prefecture near the Misasa hot springs in the middle of which ran in the car towards the Kurayoshi.
Mitokusan Sanbutsuji is the distance of 10 minutes drive from Misasa Onsen.

Worship fee is 400 yen until the main hall, it takes 200 yen is worship until Nageire-do.

Until Nageire-do takes about 40 minutes one-way walk. There are some dangerous places.

Notes of worship to Nageire-do will be a steep dangerous road therefore, to wait for that Can you climb together if one is not able to climb by one person. In addition, the shoes also need climbing shoes. It is also good sneakers, but the sole is likely to slip in the NG, you have to climb to purchase straw sandals.

It is a very good and heal by going to Misasa Onsen(hot spring) tired body after worship. There are also open-air bath of tiles free.
[Admission fee to a temple]
Adults: 600 yen (up to Nageire-do worship)
Children: 300 yen (up to Nageire-do worship)

[Worship climbing accepted]
8:00 to 15:00
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