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Yu Yu ~ Beautiful Himekaminoyu of Tamatsukuri spa

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It is the hot water of Yu Yu ~ Beautiful Himekami a day spa located in the town Tamatsukuri Onsen.
Tamatsukuri Onsen city, you can go to just a 20-minute drive from Matsue Castle Matsue.

It can not shoot the bath, but there are open-air bath and large bathroom to put a dozen people, Utaseyu, and a sauna.
Shampoo and body soap are also outfitted.
I'm glad bathing fee is cheaper and 410 yen for adults.

Architecture of the building is not look like a hot spring facilities in the concrete, but the architecture of Shimane Prefecture seems design of Shin Takamatsu.

The first floor sells vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and also it is it to Bussan store.
There is also a cherry-flavored soft-serve ice cream.

There is also a footbath of free into the river in front of the facility.
[Business hours]
10:00 to 22:00

[Regular holiday]
Monday (the following day if Monday is a national holiday)
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