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Maki-do Cave Akiko Yosano of the poet is of acquaintance

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Maki-do Cave lies in the famous Okayama Prefecture Niimi by Akiko Yosano of the poet was singing the famous limestone cave along with Ikura-do.
It has a prefectural road No. 50 in the mountains of ran about 20 minutes from Ikura-do.

The total length of the cave is 450m, inside we are spread very wide space.

I think near the Ikura-do and Stray people do go to either often, but if there is room in time, is recommended towards the Maki-do Cave.

There are stalactites of various kinds is more of Maki-do Cave, because the wider space in the cave, I can slowly appreciate.

On the way from Ikura-do, there is a cave natural bridge Rashomon.
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