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Natural bridge of limestone cave Rashomon

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It is a natural limestone cave and natural bridge, which is also height 40 m in the place where it went into the side street and ran a No. 50 prefectural road towards the about 20 to 30 minutes of mountain road Maki-do Cave by car from Ikurahora.
All in all there are four holes on the big rock.
Originally to collapse what was limestone cave, it is the layer where it remained at the top became a natural bridge.

Fourth Iwaana is so back area is also 300m, but only entrance looks.

Walk the mountain road from the parking lot about 5 minutes, it is located in the place where it was down the stairs.

When I went to ten years ago there was no such observatory, it seems now been developed.

The parking lot has pretty even managed rest areas and toilets.

Since a 10-minute drive from Maki-do Cave, if there is a chance to go to Maki-do Cave, I think that it is good to try by all means stop by.

In addition, since the taishaku valley in the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, there is a splendid natural bridge, also there who are interested here by all means.

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