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Yatakayama and Yatakayama park campground

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Yatakayama is a mountain near the border of the western part of Hiroshima Prefecture, Takahashi City, Okayama Prefecture.
Yatakayama parked in the park campground, you will reach the top if climb the stairs about 5 minutes.

Altitude is not a high mountain in the 654 meters, but because you are projecting as kelp, there is no unobstructed around, overlooking the scenery in the 360-degree panorama at the top.
South side looks to the Seto Inland Sea.

If you're time and time, a wider sea of clouds under eyes of the plateau.

The administration building next to the shop of the campsite there is a direct sales office of the cafeteria and vegetables.

Campsite of the facility is a little old feeling, but it is clean.

If you want to access from the 313 National Highway of Takahashi City, but is easy to run the way of the nearly two-lane, who is easy to car sickness because Squiggle bend where many would be better that had been drinking, such as motion sickness.
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