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Open-air bath Hannya temple hot spring while watching the superb view of the valley Okutsu

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Okutsu valley Hannya temple hot spring is a pretty open-air bath of recommended superb view is a man traveling alone.
Since the blindfold is not much like a photograph, who is not might tough to be concerned about in the way of women, you can enjoy a superb view and a hidden spring of Okutsu valley.

Okutsu is a hot spring of sink source hanging in the valley. Always hot water has been overflowing from the tub.

There are indoor bath and open-air bath.
Indoor bath is an open-air bath at about 39 degrees is about 40 degrees. In winter, open-air bath is the only indoor bath closed.

Since the use of a day trip hot spring is such only charter, it must be booked in advance.
However, if free to call, because the ready-to-use, I think that it may try to phone in useless origin.

Since the charter for one hour, you can enter slowly.
[Entrance fee]
Adults: 1,000 yen / person (1 hour)


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