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Sanbe Mountain

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Sanbesan is located on the border between Izumo and Iwami, and the main peak, Sanbesan, is 1,126 meters above sea level. It is also one of the Oyama Oki National Parks, which are Oyama, Hiruzen, and Kenashiyama.
The harmony of the lake and the mountains is simple and beautiful.

It is an ideal environment for trekking and hiking.

There is also Sanbe Onsen.

The Sanbe Prefectural Sanbe Nature Museum Sahimeru is also home to the recently popular Sanbe Burger.

For information on Mt. Sanbe, it would be best to stop by the Shimane Prefectural Sanbe Nature Museum Sahimeru and collect information.
[Climbing route]
Hime escape pond route (110 minutes) Sanbe Nature Museum Sahimeru Parking Lot Man Sanbe Mountain Summit
Nishinohara route (130 minutes) From the Nishinohara grassland to the summit of Mt. Sanbe
Higashi-no-hara route (60 minutes) Route to the top of Mt.
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