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Gakuen temple there is a temple of the back of the waterfall

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Gakuen temple, has been said to Benkei had been training before you meet with Minamoto-no-Yoshitune 3 years.
Benkei also in the back of the gap between the rock of Furo waterfall that was training been struck by the waterfall there is Zao-do.

There are other also many attractions of Zao-do and main hall, is available Keru power spot a lot of power and natural also mysterious.
Towards Tonyu-do of Mitokusan likes it is especially recommended.

Autumn leaves of the season is very beautiful maple and ginkgo.
For foliage season is to be crowded with traffic jams, and he has microbus from the sea side.

If you walk about 10 minutes from the parking lot is the entrance, from there, the main temple goes up the stairs about 5 minutes. The waterfall we will climb the mountain path and stairs about 15 minutes.
[Iriyama fee]
Adults: 500 yen
Middle and high school students: 300 yen
Elementary school students: 200 yen

[Worship time]
8:00 to 17:00
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