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A mysterious power spot! Taki Shrine

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Takiyama is a rare shrine with a waterfall in the middle of Mt. It is one of the leading power spots in Okayama Prefecture.
In winter, it freezes and becomes icicles.

The appearance of the shrine, the murmuring of the waterfall valley, and the huge trees are many, and the surrounding area feels very sacred.

For access, go through the grounds of the Ground Self-Defense Force Japan Hara Exercise Area.
There are signboards at important points, so I think that it is almost impossible to get lost.
It is said to be closed when exercises are held.
Roads are gravel roads, not paved roads. If you drive at a slow speed, you can drive a regular car enough.

You can park your car at the parking lot on Misoji Bridge Square and climb the Takiyama course on the trail for about 30 minutes (800 meters).

There is Metaki Waterfall about 3 minutes on foot from Taki Shrine, and it is also quite powerful, so the view from the observation point on the way is also wonderful, so it is recommended.
Free worship

[Parking fee]



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