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Michi-no-Eki Kaze-no-Ie

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Kaze-no-Ie of Road Station, located in the Hiruzen plateau, is the station of road specialties of Hiruzen gather.
It is a station of the road in the Hiruzen plateau.

Hiruzen plateau vegetables are sorted in direct marketing.

Recommendations for food, would Hiruzen yakisoba.
It is delicious There is only a higher standard of B-grade gourmet with Tsuyama hormone yakisoba.
Kashiwa meat of chicken parent, source and plateau cabbage seems attention.

There are many grocery Hiruzen Jersey milk related to Bussan corner, but you may be carried out here as long as some time, since they sell even "Hiruzenjaji Land" just 10 minutes by car. View is also good for the best.

There is a "Cha of taste workshop & Sabo buckwheat" of popular restaurant opposite the road, you may want to eat the soba here.
8:30 to 16:30

[Regular holiday]
4 to 11: seven days a week
December to February: Wednesday holiday
March: the first and second Wednesday holiday
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