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Town of Onomichi

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Onomichi is a lot of old houses is a very atmosphere have dense city in the islands and along the coastline mountain slope of Shimanami highway of the Seto Inland Sea.
It is Onomichi famous works of Obayashi director of the movie, but in front of the station image had changed when visiting for the first time in 10 years.

In short, it has become better or worse fashionable. Chair is reserved a space, such as a lawn in the wood deck to the coast.

Streets and shopping district of old miscellaneous house built complex on the slopes of the mountain Speaking Onomichi is impressive, but it seems a new wind is blowing.

That said, in the center of town there is almost no shops of major restaurant chains. Whether the power of the government is working, I do not know what difficult to enter as a commercial area, but it might be elements per that is keeping the landscape.

New and old ones were miscellaneous intermixed, it has been put out to brew the atmosphere unparalleled in other towns.

Consult a good part many of the city also emulating Onomichi in Japan there will be many.

However, there seems to be is severely discussion in the past, the mountain of the castle I think the people there is no good. Because historical value only imitations without any is in the most prominent position, it is very disappointing.
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